Pre-Settlement Funding from $500 to $50,000 within 24 hours!



Imagine: You were just injured in an auto accident. You might have to endure months or years of trials and legal procedures before the insurance company will cover your expenses and reimburse you.

But what about the financial needs you already have? Medical care, vehicle repairs, bills and other financial burdens that an accident brings. Pre-settlement funding will help you obtain some part of the insurance compensation immediately, without waiting for a court decision. 

The process itself is simple: We recommend to you the professionals and specialists who will work their hardest to ensure the maximum reimbursement in the shortest possible time. Afterwards, when the insurance company has compensated you for the damages, you just return the amount paid to you in advance with a small commission. 

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Just leave a request at 855LEGAL4U! We will promptly review your case and respond with an offer of instant reimbursement within 24 hours!.

The amount of advance payment depends on the conditions of the accident, the severity of the injuries received, the type of insurance involved, etc. Based on these factors, We will help you obtain between $500 and $50,000. How much will you receive?

I received $14,500 as a compensation after the accident on I4 last year.

It was plenty to cover my treatment, car repair and still had some left.

Thank you to 855 LEGAL4U for the help. Now their business card is always under my windshield.

Andrey Vasiliev, Orlando

I received $1.000 from 855 LEGAL4U within a few days after the accident. 

They recomended an experienced attorney and I received another $18.000 after lawsuite settled. 

I am absolutely happy with the outcome! Now i recommend 855 LEGAL4U to all my friends.

Peter Aronov, Tampa


We're always available.

Immediate pre-settlement funding is readily accesible. Qualified applicants could receive their funds in as little as 24 hours after submitting their request.

You only pay us back if you win in court or if your case settles.

Our funding is 100% non-recourse, which means you will only have to repay the funding if your case is won or is settled in your favor. If your case does not reward you, you don't have to pay us.

It's simple to get started.

We will help to get you the professional legal assistance you need in order to simplify the legal process and make sure you get a fair settlement. There's no cost to apply, and the process itself only takes a few minutes.

High-quality medical treatment.

In case you need medical help, we will help you find the best treatment. We will recommend doctors and clinics to make sure you reach maximum recovery in the shortest possible time. Detailed medical examinations and proper care will also make sure that you receive maximum benefits.

We have the lowest interest rate on the market.

Starting at 10%, no matter how long it takes for your lawsuit to settle. With other organizations involved in pre-settlement financing, the commission could reach 70-100% per year.